Terms and Conditions

The wedding app Wedbell offers useful wedding-related information to the contemporary prospective couple. Our services encompass the Wedbellapps, which can be found at or any of its subdomains (referred to as the “Wedbell app”). Additionally, Wedbelloffers various applications, features, and content that are periodically made available in connection with the Wedbell app, whether they are accessed directly or through our mobile application (collectively, the “Wedbell Services”). Wedbell is just a platform that links potential wedding customers with service providers that the customers are prepared to work with to complete their tasks. Wedbell is a site that aggregates weddings.

In addition to any other agreement or conditions agreed upon between the Parties for the Wedbell Services, you must abide by the legally binding provisions set out in these conditions of Use (this “Agreement”). You agree to be bound by this Agreement and the Wedbell Privacy Policy, which can be found at, by using the Wedbell Services, whether as a “Visitor” (meaning you merely browse the Wedbell app) or as a “User” (meaning you have registered with and/or submitted content to the Wedbell app as an individual or as a company). Please read this agreement carefully as it outlines your rights, responsibilities, and limitations when using the Wedbell Services.  Regarding this Agreement, User (and “You”) may relate to Vendors as well as Customers. The word “Vendor” refers to the person or entities listed on the Wedbell platform that offer services to clients on an independent basis, while the term “Customer” refers to persons or Parties using the Wedbell platform to undertake Wedbell Services.

You should exit the Wedbell app and stop using the Wedbell Services right away if you disagree with the terms of this agreement. You have to read this Agreement and declare your approval throughout the content submission procedure if you want to use the Wedbell Services in order to become a User, submit material, videos, or photographs, interact with other Users, and generally utilize the services. You agree to all of our terms and conditions as well as the clauses listed below by using the Wedbell services or by taking any of the aforementioned actions.

This Agreement may be updated from time to time by Wedbell, and any changes will take effect immediately upon posting on the Wedbell app. Your continuing use of the Wedbell Services signifies your agreement to be bound by any modifications to this Agreement. This Agreement may be modified at any time, and you agree to check it often to be informed of any updates. You will not be alerted of any alterations.

Wedbell Takes No Liability Whatsoever For Any Photos Or Other Content You Post, And It Is Your Responsibility To Ensure You Have Adequate Rights To Publish To The Wedbell Services.


About the App

Wedbell is a platform where we can find all the service providers related to weddings or any events. Wedbell business app is for managing business or service provider profile where the owner is allowed to add their schedule or calendar interaction with prospective clients and other users.

Wedbell user app allows for searching effectively all the services offered which are organised by categories. Users can view all the ratings and works uploaded by the business owner and is allowed to chat / call / interact with the business profile within the app. Users may also book the service providers for a certain date, and can view all the dates blocked in the calendar of the business profile.

User Login

They can go through all the wedding, photography, makeup, music and Dance Profiles. And call or chat and go through their images, videos, reviews and services. Users can make any Visit by Scheduling and filling form within the app. Can view all the data such as images, video, uploaded by the Business Profile.

Vendors Login

We can go through all the Name, Email, Password, Location, Business Name, Type of Business, About Business and app Link. Can view all the data such as images, video, uploaded by the Business Profile. Can view User Profiles, Requests, Add or delete Projects, Calendar, and Chat with the Users. Access through Reviews and payment details if mentioned.


Use of the Wedbell Services is prohibited where prohibited. You represent and warrant that, by registering, you have the legal ability and power to engage into and completely adhere by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, taking into account age, jurisdiction, land laws, and other pertinent considerations. Regarding your use of the Wedbell Services, you also consent to comply by all relevant local, state, federal, and international laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations.


For the duration that you use the Wedbell Services or are a User or Vendor on the app, this Agreement will be in full force and effect. Wedbell retains the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate your use of the Wedbell app or the Wedbell Services for any reason or no reason at all, at any time, and without prior notice to you. The User will no longer be able to use Wedbell Services upon such termination of the agreement, and Wedbell will retain ownership of any material.

User & Wedbell Content

  • Expect content created in collaboration with the Wedbell team for its own events/perusal; Wedbell does not claim any ownership rights in the text, files, images, photos, videos, sounds, musical works, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, “User Content”) that you upload to, submit to, or embed on the Wedbell platform. In these situations, the same will be mentioned when the relevant information is being created.
  • You guarantee and represent that the User Content you post on or through the Wedbell Services is your own, or that you otherwise have enough right, title, and interest in and to such User Content to grant Wedbell the licenses and rights specified below without infringing upon, violating, or misusing any third party’s rights, including rights of publicity, privacy, intellectual property, contracts, or other rights. You acknowledge and agree to reimburse Wedbell Services for any royalties, fees, or other amounts owed to any third party as a result of any User Content you upload on the platform. Wedbell disclaims any liability for any infringement of copyright, other intellectual property, or other rights in any way; instead, liability will rest with the user/vendor who posts the content.
  • Your rights to the User Content you upload, post, or embed on the Wedbell Services do not change once you put it there. You are still free to use the User Content anyway you see fit and to keep all rights to it that you had before. However, you hereby grant Wedbell a non-exclusive, royalty-free, transferable, sublicensable, worldwide license to use, display, reproduce, adapt, modify (e.g., re-format), rearrange, and distribute your User Content through any media now known or developed in the future by publishing or displaying (“posting”) any User Content on or through the Wedbell Services. Any Wedbell publication that uses an image from the Wedbell Services will provide credit to the photographer and/or the copyright holder. If Wedbell determines that any User material you have put on the app is offensive, improper, or deserving of removal in any way, Wedbell has the right to delete it without holding you accountable.
  • Wedbell could not supply the Wedbell or its publications without this license. The license you grant Wedbell, for instance, is non-exclusive (you may license your content to third parties in addition to Wedbell), fully-paid and royalty-free (Wedbell will not charge you for the use of the User Content you post), sublicensable (allowing Wedbell to use Internet content delivery networks as affiliates and subcontractors to provide the Wedbell), and worldwide (due to the global reach of the Internet and the Wedbell).
  • Except for any User Content that Wedbell has sublicensed before you remove your User Content from the Wedbell Services, this license will end when you remove your User Content from the Wedbell Services. In such case, the license will continue indefinitely. Send an email to with a brief description of the item(s) you wish to delete and the URL of the item(s) as it is now located on the Wedbell app in order to request the removal of user content. The item or items will be removed as soon as feasible by us. Should Wedbell utilize the vendor’s material on its app, it will do so with due attribution to the vendor.
  • Wedbell disclaims all responsibility for the security of any content uploaded on the app or platform. Wedbell shall not be liable if a vendor uploads anything on the app and that content is later violated by another vendor or third party. We put our watermark on every image in an effort to stop such duplication and infringement, but we don’t guarantee any additional content protection.
  • Content that is owned by Wedbell (“Wedbell Content”) is available on the Wedbell Services. Wedbell owns and maintains all rights to the Wedbell Content and the Wedbell Services. The Wedbell Content is protected by copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and other laws. In conjunction with accessing the Wedbell app and using the Wedbell Services, Wedbell hereby gives you a limited, revocable, non-sublicensable license to view the Wedbell Content (excluding any software code) for your personal use only. Without limiting the scope of the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that any Wedbell Content appearing on or via the Wedbell Services may not be duplicated, altered, translated, published, broadcast, transmitted, licensed, sublicensed, assigned, distributed, performed, displayed, or sold.
  • You may access Third Party Content only for your own use in conjunction with viewing the Wedbell app and using the Wedbell Services. The Wedbell Services contain Content of other Users and other Wedbell licensors (“Third Party Content”). You consent to not reproduce, alter, translate, broadcast, transmit, license, sublicense, assign, distribute, perform, display, or sell any Third Party Content that appears on or via the Wedbell Services. This is without limiting the generality of the preceding. Wedbell shall not be held accountable in any way if a User is discovered to have violated another person’s intellectual property or other rights in any way. The User bears full liability in this regard.

Prohibited Content:
Wedbell retains the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to decide whether or not user content is acceptable and, in such case, to remove any user content that it deems improper without informing you or holding you accountable. A partial list of the kinds of User Content that Wedbell considers unsuitable is provided below, without restricting the scope of the aforementioned:

  • Anything that goes beyond just expressing an opinion and attacks a company or a person
  • Anything that encourages or promotes harassing someone else
  • Anything that violently or sexually abuses others
  • Anything that links to an adult app that includes explicit content, violence, or nudity
  • Content using offensive statements on the basis of race, ethics, or other issues
  • Anything with abusive, defamatory, or otherwise offensive wording
  • Content that requests personal information from those under the age of eighteen; content that encourages what you know to be false or misleading; content that encourages unlawful activity; or anything that is threatening, abusive, obscene, defamatory, or libelous.
  • Information on how to get around copy-protected equipment placed by manufacturers, links to pirated audio files, or pirated computer programs are examples of content that encourages the unauthorized or unlawful duplication of another person’s copyrighted work.
  • Anything that comprises sending “junk mail,” “chain letters,” unsolicited bulk mail, instant messaging, “spimming,” or “spamming”
  • Anything that has hidden pages, password-protected pages, restricted access pages, or pictures (that aren’t connected to or from another page that may be accessed)
  • Anything that encourages or furthers any unlawful behavior or business, or that offers knowledge about illegal activities—such as manufacturing or purchasing illicit weapons, invading someone’s privacy, or supplying or producing computer viruses
  • Anything that asks other users for passwords or other personally identifiable information for nefarious or commercial motives
  • Content generated, owned, or belonging to a third party, for which the uploading or publishing body lacks the necessary authorization
  • Anything that includes sales and/or commercial activity without our prior written approval, including advertisements, barter, competitions, sweepstakes, and pyramid schemes


Prohibited Activity:
You expressly agree that you are prohibited from engaging in, and will not engage in, the following prohibited activities in connection with your use of the Wedbell Services-You specifically acknowledge that using the Wedbell Services in conjunction with the following banned behaviors is against the law and that you will not engage in any of them:

  • any Third Party Content or Wedbell Content appearing on or via the Wedbell Services may not be copied, altered, translated, published, broadcasted, transmitted, licensed, sublicensed, assigned, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or sold.
  • Criminal or tortious behavior, such as the distribution of viruses or other dangerous files, the infringement of patents, the trafficking of obscene materials, drug trafficking, gambling, harassment, stalking, spamming, spimming, dissemination of child pornography, fraud, copyright infringement, or theft of trade secrets
  • any automated usage of the platform, such adding friends or sending messages or comments using scripts
  • trying to impersonate another User, person, or Wedbell representative in order to interfere with, disrupt, or place an excessive load on the Wedbell Services or the networks or services linked to the Wedbell Services
  • using another User’s account, username, or password at any moment, sharing your password with other parties, or allowing outside parties to access your account
  • Without our consent, selling or otherwise transferring your profile
  • utilizing any data gleaned from the Wedbell Services to intimidate, mistreat, or cause harm to another individual
  • if you do any commercial activity on or through the Wedbell Services on behalf of someone else, including posting blogs or bulletins with a commercial purpose, sending private messages with a commercial purpose, or placing an advertisement on your profile, or if you accept payment or anything of value from a third party.
  • utilizing the Wedbell Services in a way that contravenes any relevant laws and regulations


Copyright Policy:
Without first obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information, you are not permitted to post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any proprietary information that belongs to Wedbell or others (including without limitation Third Party Content or Wedbell Content).

Wedbell takes intellectual property and copyright rights very seriously because it is a content-heavy platform. This is because Wedbell generates a lot of material in addition to having many vendors and consumers.

It is our policy to take reasonable action to delete a user if we become aware that they are a repeat offender of copyright violations. In addition to the aforementioned, if you think that your work has been improperly duplicated and placed on the Wedbell Services, please provide us the pertinent documentation, and we will be pleased to take the appropriate remedial action.


Users understand and agree that they are using the Wedbell platform solely to learn more about a vendor, and that booking a reservation for that vendor is done independently of Wedbell. As a result, they agree not to hold Wedbell responsible for any problems that may arise in the future regarding that vendor or that booking. that the Customer acknowledges and agrees that Wedbell is not engaged in any way in any transactions that take place between Users.

If a customer contributes photos and material with Wedbell in order for it to be shown on our platform, Wedbell will consider the content and photos to be its property after they are shared, and Wedbell may reuse and republish them at any time.

That Wedbell will do all within its power to make sure the customer has a hassle-free, flawless experience, but it will assume no obligations or liabilities in doing so.

User Conflicts
Users (including Vendors) are entirely accountable for the relationships they have with other Wedbell Users. Wedbell retains the right, but not the duty, to keep an eye on disagreements between you and other users and to instantly revoke any user’s rights for any reason or no reason at all.

Wedbell is only a listing and aggregation tool; Wedbell is not accountable for any associations, conversations, or reservations made through the platform.

Vendor input and consumer input combine to provide the vendor data displayed on profiles, which includes pricing, reviews, and photographs. Wedbell makes an attempt to confirm the information provided, such as pricing and work, but it can not guarantee or assure that the information is correct.

Giveaways and Promotions
For Present Wedbell Dont have any hosts giveaways, promotions, and contests on behalf of outside parties. Every giveaway or contest will have its own set of guidelines outlining what data is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared. Before participating in any contest, promotion, or giveaway, Wedbell advises you to go over this material. We do not assume any responsibility for it.

Refund Policy

In the event that a user’s payment has a technical problem, we will initiate the refund policy within three to seven business days. If you have any questions about a refund or any previous purchases, please reach us at “” or contact us via call “80959 47369”.

Exclusion of Warranties
The Wedbell service is offered to you on a “as is” and “as available” basis without any kind of representations or warranties. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Wedbell explicitly disclaims all implied or statutorily warranties, including but not limited to implied warranties of title, non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose. Unless specifically stated in the terms of use, no advice or information—verbal or written—that you obtain via the app or Wedbell services will create any warranties. When buying a product or service in any setting or through any medium, you should use your best judgment and use caution when necessary.

Wedbell disclaims any liability for any erroneous or inaccurate Content posted on the Wedbell app or in connection with the Wedbell Services, without limiting the generality of the above. Links to other apps may be included in user-generated content that is published on the Wedbell app. Wedbell disclaims any liability for the veracity or viewpoints expressed in user content or on apps belonging to third parties that are linked from user content. The User is solely liable for any third-party apps they access; Wedbell has no control over their security. Wedbell has not in any way looked into, overseen, or verified the authenticity or completeness of these apps. Any connected app that is included on the Wedbell Services does not indicate that Wedbell approves of or endorses the linked app. You use these third-party sites at your own risk when visiting them. Wedbell disclaims any liability about third-party advertising that are displayed on this app or through its services, as well as any liability regarding the products or services that its advertisers offer. Wedbell disclaims all liability for the behavior of any user of its services, whether on or off the site.

All errors, omissions, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays in operation or transmission, communications line failures, theft or destruction, or unauthorized access to or alteration of any User communication or Content are not covered by Wedbell’s liability policy. Wedbell disclaims all liability for issues or technical malfunctions with any phone lines, computer online systems, servers, providers, hardware, software, email malfunctions, player malfunctions resulting from technical issues, traffic congestion on the Internet, any of the Wedbell Services, or any combination of these. This includes harm or damage to Users or to any person’s computer resulting from using or participating in the Wedbell Services.

Wedbell disclaims all liability for any loss or damage, including death or personal injury, resulting from using the Wedbell Services, participating in a Wedbell event, or from any content posted on or through the Wedbell Services or from the behavior of any Wedbell Users, whether on or off the platform. Wedbell makes no promises or guarantees regarding the outcomes that using its services will provide.

Restrictions on Liability
Neither Wedbell nor any of its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, licensees, distributors, suppliers, agents, resellers, owners, or operators shall in any case be liable to you or any third party for any direct, indirect, consequential, exempt, incidental, special, punitive, or other damages, including lost profits resulting from your use of the services, even if Wedbell has been advised of the possibility of said damages. 

Regardless of the form of action, and without limiting the foregoing, Wedbell’s liability to you for any cause whatever will always be limited to the amount you paid to Wedbell for the Wedbell services during the duration of your use. To the maximum extent permitted by law in the relevant jurisdiction, the aforementioned limitation of liability shall be applicable. You specifically agree that Wedbell will not be held responsible for user content or for any offensive, defamatory, or illegal behavior by third parties, and that the whole risk of harm or damage resulting from the aforementioned rests with you.

Certain jurisdictions do not provide the exclusion or limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, nor do they permit limitations on implied warranties. Consequently, YOU MAY NOT BE COVERED BY ALL OF THE LIMITATIONS.

Particular Cautions for Use Abroad
Acknowledging the worldwide reach of the Internet, you consent to abide by any local regulations pertaining to appropriate content and online behavior. In particular, you consent to abide by all regulations that may be relevant to the transfer of technical data transferred from India to the US or your home country.

Disputes; Law Selection; Location
You agree that the laws of Bangalore, India, will govern any dispute pertaining to or involving the Wedbell Services, and that the courts in Bangalore or New Delhi will have jurisdiction over the matter.In any action taken in connection with this Agreement, the winning party shall be entitled to an award of legal fees and other expenses spent in connection with the action.

You agree to indemnify and hold Wedbell, as well as any parent, subsidiary, and affiliate, director, officer, employee, licensor, distributor, supplier, agent, reseller, owner, and operator, harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, obligations, losses, liabilities, costs, or debt made by any third party as a condition of using the Wedbell Services in violation of this Agreement. As a result of: (i) your use of and access to the Wedbell app; (ii) any term of these Terms of Use that you violate; (iii) any infringement on the intellectual property, privacy, or copyright rights of third parties; or (iv) any allegation that any third party was harmed by your User Content. The defense and indemnity commitment in these Terms of Use shall continue to apply to your use of the Wedbell app and/or services.

Terms’ Severability and Waiver
Any right or term of this Agreement that Wedbell fails to execute or enforce shall not be deemed a waiver of that right or provision. The parties agree that, in the event that a court of competent jurisdiction finds any provision of this Agreement to be invalid, the other provisions of this Agreement shall remain in full force and effect and the court shall make every effort to give effect to the parties’ intentions as reflected in the provision.

The Statute of Limitations
You acknowledge and agree that any claim or cause of action arising out of or connected to use of the Service or this Agreement must be brought within one (1) year of the claim’s or cause of action’s emergence, regardless of any statute or legislation to the contrary, or it will be permanently barred.

Please send us an email at to report any breaches of these terms of use.